Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Appearance on The Tightwad Teacher Podcast

Graphic Used Under a CC By-SA 2.0 License
The Guest Appearance

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Texas edtech colleagues, Kristy Vincent, invited me to be a guest on the Tightwad Teacher podcast. Kristy just recently became a co-host of the podcast, and she invited me to discuss a topic of my choice. Having just recently attended a thought provoking session on Developing a Culture of Sharing at SXSWedu (my blog notes don't do it justice), I suggested a focus on professional learning online through venues like Facebook and Twitter.

Kristy liked my idea and ran with it under the title of The Connected Teacher. I really enjoyed the conversation with Kristy as well as podcaster-in-chief Mark Cockrell and co-hosts Brian Brugger and John Mikulski. In addition to getting to share my ideas and view-points, I came away with some new insights myself. That's the way all good conversations should work out!

Learning from Podcasts

I have to admit, I have historically not been much of a podcast listener myself. I have tried on various occasions, but it just hasn't fit my learning style, which tends to be heavy on reading/watching but not just listening. Having now participated in a podcast, though, I think I might need to give this learning medium another try. Do you have a favorite podcast you listen to regularly? What is it and what do you like about it? When do you work in time to listen to podcasts? Please share your thoughts and a link to a podcast you listen to in the comments!

Take a Listen to the Tightwad Teacher

If you are a podcast listener, or even if you are not, I invite you to listen to Tightwad Teacher #38: The Connected Teacher. Of course I'm inviting you partly because I was part of it, but also because it was a good conversation about how teachers can connect online for their continued professional growth and it wandered into the use of social media in schools as well. If you listen, be sure to let me know what ideas or thoughts the conversation stirred in you by posting in the comments below. Thanks!