Saturday, March 10, 2012

@EdTechSandyK at #SXSWedu via Storify

Instead of doing the usual summary/wrap-up blog post for the SXSWedu 2012 conference, I decided to try a new-to-me tool I saw used a few times throughout SXSWedu week. Apparently, it went into public beta in April 2011, but I've missed it or glossed over it since then.

Storify allows users to mashup content from multiple social media sources such as Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr to create a flow of events. One session I attended used Storify to archive the session. Another member of my PLN used Storify to curate her conference experience. The second example inspired me to do the same.

In interacting with others' already published Storifies, one of the features I found most appealing was the ability to actually reply or retweet the embedded Tweets from right within the story. This functionality allows the learning to easily continue!

Embedded below is my very first Storify. I invite you to peruse it and follow me on my SXSWedu learning journey.

When you are finished interacting with my Storify below, please consider taking time to comment answering one or more of these questions: Have you used Storify before? If so, what kinds of purposes have you found for it? If you haven't used it, can you think of ways you might use it for teaching and learning? Thanks!