Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Digital Citizenship Chat Preview for June 11, 2014

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Hello everyone! Tonight it's my turn to moderate Digcit Chat, and since the questions require some reflection back on the current school year and looking ahead to the next one, I thought I'd give a preview of the questions. So, if you have time, check them out and get your wheels turning, then join us at 7:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM CT / 5 PM MT / 4 PM PT for an hour of chatting!

Here are the questions for tonight:

  • Q1: What was your biggest win or success regarding #digcit and your Ss and/or fellow Ts this past school year?
  • Q2: What was your biggest challenge regarding #digcit and your Ss and/or fellow Ts this past school year?
  • Q3: What is something you will definitely do again or continue doing regarding #digcit next school year?
  • Q4: What is something new you’d like to try or something you’d like to do differently regarding  #digcit next school year?
  • Q5: How can you continue to promote #digcit among Ss and Ts during the summer?
  • Q6: What topics would you like to see discussed in #digcit chat next school year?

If you've never participated in a Twitter chat before, #digcit is a great chat to start with, as it usually has a manageable number of chatters. A Beginner's Guide to Twitter Chats will give you a nice overview of what to expect.

Basically, get on Twitter a couple of minutes before the chat starts, search for the #digcit hashtag, and then respond to the Tweets you see with that tag for the next hour! Another tool you might want to try is TweetChat, a website which makes it easy to focus just on the Tweets from the chat you are participating in.

Hope to see many faces old and new in tonight's chat!

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