Thursday, February 10, 2011

Primary Technology: They Can Do It Too!

Notes from a TCEA 2011 Workshop

Shelly Locke
Integration Specialist
Katy ISD

Resource website for presentation:

Web 2.0 Resources aren't just for older students.

Katy has adopted web tools. Use of Technology in Katy ISD

VoiceThread - Use to record student voices combinded with pictures. Great project examples at the link below!

Glogster - Online poster creation. Make sure you use the (Regular Glogster may have mature content) Use to create easy launch pages for younger students. When creating projects with younger students, take it slow in small steps. Maybe just do text and images at first. Add video later.

Sign up for trial of premium version so you can change the default account names to make them easier for students.

Kidblog - FREE! Simplified for younger students. Has posting and commenting moderation. Use comments for teachable moments, "Is it kind, true, necessary?" No student email accounts are required. Teacher can make posts and let students comment. Can also each have their own blog. Can create multiple classes and upload multiple users via a spreadsheet or create users one at a time.

Katy has Responsible Use Guidelines that lawyers have gone through to ensure Web 2.0 tools are covered. Parents sign off on this at the beginning of the year.

Worldle - Use to show overuse of words in a piece of writing. Put vocabulary words into a Wordle and print out to display in classroom. Study a topic or person and revise a Wordle as you go along to add important attributes. Tagxedo is similar to Wordle but makes the word clouds into shapes.

Voki - Create talking avatars. Teacher creates the account and lets kids create Vokis under their account.

Blabberize - Make images or drawings talk. Draw on it where you want it to talk.

Storyjumper - Create digital books