Monday, February 7, 2011

Mastering the Education Age with Google

Notes from a TCEA 2011 Google Academy breakout session.

Monica Martinez
TCEA Director of Professional Development
Google Certified Administrator

Bing TV Commercials - Information Overload-

Web 3.0 - This will be about semantic web (or the meaning of data), personalization (e.g. NetVibes), intelligent search and behavioral advertising, among other things.

Surfing - Will we do the surfiung or will the machine do the surfing for us?

Organization - Howwill our information be organized?

Interface - Will the web look the same for me as it does for everyone else?

Tools - What technologies will be common and which will be obsolete?

Information literacy becomes very critical in a Web 3.0 world.

Finding the information we want, verifying the information, and applying the information are all components of information literacy.

Google Squared
Example: Look Up US Presidents on Google Squared -
  • You can add and delete columns. When you add a column, Google searches the information for you. EX: Add a column for spouses to the US Presidents Search
  • Hover over any square in your search results to see where the information is coming from. Click on the square to select a different source.
  • Google squared results can be saved to Google Docs and further manipulated

Narrowing Down Your Search - Use Google Advanced Search!
Efficiency in search is important in the ocean of information that is on the Internet
  • Click that Advanced Search link to the right of the Google Search Box on the home page
  • Use the fields and watch Google build the syntax for you
  • Narrow searches by file type (just looking for PowerPoints?)
  • Use usage rights filter to make sure you are not violating anyone's copyright (students are no longer protected by fair use when the graduate from school, so it is important to teach this)
Google Wonder Wheel - Look in left column of a Google results page for the link
  • Returns search results in a web/mindmap format
Google Scholar - look for professional content (white papers, legal briefs, etc)

Google Image Swirl - Similar to Wonder Wheel but for images. Categorizes the type of image you are looking for.

You Tube - Upload a video to get help!
  • Ex: Help With Bow Drill Set -
  • Digital Citizenship - boy never shows his face or gives his name or phone number
  • Digital Literacy - boy created the video and is sourcing the cloud to get assistance with his project
Google Mobile -
  • Search using your voice and your location. Find websites, local businesses, product prices and more.
Google SMS
  • Search Google via text messages
  • Text message query to: 466453
  • Text HELP to 466453
  • Send STOP to cancel to 466453
  • Example - let students look up words while they are reading
  • Gives multiple ways to search Google. Many of the same features as Google advanced search but in a little more user friendly format
  • Google has its own form of this -
From the Google home page, be sure to click the More link at the top and click the Even More selection from the menu to see tons of Google tools you probably never even knew existed!