Friday, February 11, 2011

RTI to Exemplary: No Limits with the iPod Touch

Notes from a TCEA 2011 Concurrent Session

Kelly Cordray
Elizabeth Powell
5th Grade Classroom Teachers
Texarkana ISD

PowerPoint presentation is available online at the TCEA website.

Kelly used iPod touches in her 5th grade classroom. Was using a Regulary Basal in 08-09 but wanted a change and was working on a technology campus. Started researching iPods, wrote a proposal for using them. Felt using audio books would help her students build vocabulary. Initially only wanted 25 iPod shuffles and a few audio novels.

Wound up getting an $1800 synch and storage cart with iPod Touches.

Planning - vertical alignment in order to choose novels
Library collections - borrow from other campuses
Different genres:
Sign of the Beaver, Stone Fox, Tuck Everlasting, Maniac Magee, Bud, not Buddy

Used iPod Touches primarily with class novels.

Integrated learning - video conference with author
Spelling/Vocabulary: huge for their diverse population, scarry for parents, 20 words in 2 weeks - type in your words and the site creates activities for you
Reading Skills - summarized everyday, discussed/compared chareacgters and story elements daily, predicted
Cooperative grouping - answer review questions together
Project at end of each book

Used app on the iPod Touches to help students figure out words from their reading that they did not know.

End of novel projects - Brochure, Wordle, Photostory, Take your pick project, Podcast chapter summary, Book trailer/podcast, share comments/answer quesion of week on knomi, Avatar - summary, Text speak - ex: How would Maniac explain what just hapened to a friend via text?, Design book cover in Photoshop

Noticed great increase in student engagement all year, including during the traditional "crazy" days leading up to holidays.

Paced reading - no wasted time
Level playing field - accessed by ALL: SPED, Dyslexic, ELLs - able to access curriculum with audio support
Inceased vocabulary through book/audio connection
Discipline is WONDERFUL...why???
Kids LOVE technology! - students used Touches to do lessons.
Response Systems
Geocaching - GPS app
Knowmi in hand - blogging
Can reinforce other subjects in down moments - flash cards app, presidents app, science movies, etc...
More ideas:

iPods helped teacher sneak up and trick kids with learning!

Pitfalls to Avoid
Actively monitor - easy to redirect because they can lose the privilige of using the iPod
Headphones - purchase individual for $.99
Assign 2-3 responsible citizens to put up iPods each day
Use gallon baggies

Ideas for Math and Science

Math Apps
Math Drills (free)
Flash Racer
Math Snacks
Telling Time
Fraction Math - w/tutorials
Thermometer Free

Modifications - Calculators, EZ Speak (another device you can use to read assignments aloud and download to iTunes, then sync to iPod - use more able students to record the assignments) - less stigmatizing to use the iPods

Download the App CloudBrowser so you can access Flash content on the iPod Touch. Costs about $.99

Science Apps
Deluxe Moon
Brainpop - Free movie each day
Science Glossary
Animal Lite Lite
3D Brain
Discovery Education Movies

Modifications - Allow students to read into the EZ Speak or iPod Touch with microphone or listen to science reading on the iPod touch.

Investigate this: eClicker available to make the iPod into a student response remote. Teacher runs main app off of iPhone or iPod/iPad. Students run response app.