Thursday, February 10, 2011

Join the Conversation - Let's Skype

Notes from a TCEA 2011 Workshop

Cindy Brock, Presenter
Mary Lemons, Facilitator
Cynthia Petty, Facilitator
Mansfiled ISD Technology Trainers

Online Resource Handouts: or

Icenhower Intermediate School Class collaborated with a class in Alaska. The teacher in Alaska taught the students in Texas. Students in Alaska also presented PowerPoints to students in Texas. In conjunction with the Iditarod race a musher from Alaska presented to the Texas students and answered their questions.

You can share files and even your computer screen via Skype!

The information part of this session was short and sweet! We spent the rest of the time trying to set up Skype accounts and practice making Skype calls, which didn't go too well due to technical glitches on the computers. Still, based on the experiences of the presenters, I am encouraged to seek further applications of this program in teaching and learning back in my school district.