Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Engaging Learners: Promising Practices in the Cloud

Notes from a TCEA 2011 Concurrent Session

Dr. Kay Abernathy
Dr. Diane Mason
Cindy Cummings
Daryl Ann Borrel
Dr. Sheryl Abshire
Lamar University

  • Research
  • George Siemens, University of Manitoba
  • Stepehn Downes, Senior Research for Canada's National Research Council. OLDaily Online Newsletter
  • You Tube Video, Connectivism and Technology
Connectivism in Practice
  • Building 21st Century Learning Environments in EC-20
  • Building Educational Technology Leadership Capacity
Promising Practices: Use and Transference - Using these tools with master's program students so they will in turn use them with their students. Give choice to the students - provide them with the standards and let them choose the tool to accomplish the project/assignment.

Lamar students have reported being able to get these tools unblocked for their students because they are able to show instructional uses of the tools.
  • Google Tools, Slideshare
  • Online References, Digital Content, Social Media
  • DropBox & MediaFire
  • Web Conferencing, Skype, Google Talk/Chat
  • Animoto, Podcasts ,Stykz, Audacity, Worlde
  • Assistive Technologies
  • YouTube, TeacherTube, SchoolTube
  • WikiSpaces, Blogger, PB Wiki, WordPress
Promising Practices - Professors noticed growth in their students throughout their studies especially in the area of cricital reflection
  • Collaboration
  • Project-based Learning
  • Personalized Learning (Choices)
  • Standards-based
  • Critical Reflection
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Mentoring, Coaching, and Peer Review
Cloud Computing Samples

Kathy Payne, Erin Cobb, Michelle Barber

Pam Comer

Professors learn from their students too. Example: An early group created a spreadsheet with contact information for all of their classmates. Now the professors create a class wiki or site so all of the students can easily stay connected and in touch.

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