Friday, February 11, 2011

David Pogue - TCEA 2011 Closing Session

The Digital Kids Grow Up
Disruptive Shifts in Tech and Culture

The App Phone - Whole computers - iPhone, Android
It's a whole new category of gadget
350,000 iPhone Apps, 220,000 Droid Apps

Example: Ocarina - written by a music teacher in California - author became a millionaire in 7 months - blow into the mic and put your fingers over the "holes" on the phone. Also allows you to "spin the world" and listen in to a random person playing the app somewhere else in the world

Next wave of apps is Aurgmented Reality
London Subway app - point at ground and see tubes running under you and closest stations
TwittAround - Point at a building and it shows you who is using Twitter right now
Retina - point at an item and it tells in words what color something is - great for color blind people
TAT - Uses facial recognition to focus on a person and show you all of their social media presence

Landlines fade away - landline service has crashed 30% in last five years
Check out Pogue's blog post from yesterday to see how to use Google voice to make every phone call you make free!

Newspapers and print books have been slowly declining. But things don't go away - they just splinter. But TV did not replace radio. VCR/DVD did not replace movie theaters. Instant coffee did not replace brewed coffee.
Today's E-Book readers are from the Cro-Magnon Era

Web 2.0
Audience is the creator of the material -
Example Facebook with 500,000,0000 members as of December. There will be 1 billion members by Christmas 2011.
Craigslist - partially responsible for shrinking of American newspaper
Wikipedia - an encyclopedia where any idiot can write anything about anything
YouTube - sold by original creators to Google for 1.7 billion dollars only a year later - List grunt work you don't want to do and people bid to see who can do it for the least amount of money. - request loans from private citizens, cutting the bank out of the middle
Kiva - smaller loans to third world businessmen
Gologo - find carpool buddies
E-Petitions - British gov website to let anyone start a petition about anything
Who is Sick? - click off symptoms and see what bugs are going around your neighborhood

The New Generation
Take Back the Beep campaign from Pogue - David found out from an intern that students today do not leave voice messages. They return missed calls.
Students prefer not to use email. They watch TV on the computer.
They expect everything to be on demand: Ex:, Netflix, E-Book Newspapers
Privacy: Nobody Cares - purpose of Facebook and Twitter is to share everything
Speed + Ego - Privacy = Twitter
Groupon - one extremely discounted offer sent to you every day - have saved 1.6 billion dollars for people in the the year and a half since they've been founded

Concluding Thoughts
It's exhausting to keep up!
Everything you buy is outdated in 6 months.
Young people adopt technology much faster than adults.