Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cool Tools Duel

The final event of TCEA 2011 Edubloggercon - Two computers, four people, sharing as many free  (or almost free) tools as they can in 2 minute intervals

myfakewall.com - Create a Facebook-like profile for a famous or historical person. Must create an account to use.

corkboard.me - Similar to Wallwisher. No one has to log in. Gives you a unique URL you can share with students or colleagues

citrify.com - Free online photo editor

polleverywhere.com - instant audience feedback from cell phones

postpost.com - Will pull in your friend feeds from Facebook, Twitter. Collects everything that has gone across your feeds that day

snipsnip.it - Lets you share specific time frames of video clips. You can share a link or embed. Works with YouTube, Teacher Tube, Schooltube

quiQR.it - App which reads QR codes on your phone or creates QR codes for you (NOTE - there is a QR code on the TCEA

SplashtopRemote.com - $1.99 app for iPad. Put the desktop remote on your computer and your iPad will be able to act as a remote control for your desktop computer

360 Panorama - Camera app for iPhone - lets you take 360 degree panoramic pictures

paperrater.com - grammar, spelling check, FREE, checks for plagiarism, just paste in text, gives reading level

awesomehighlighter.com - highlight any web page and add notes, then share the link with students or colleagues

8mm Classic Camera - iPhone app - puts 8mm effects on a video

meetingwords.com - Create a public space where everyone can contribute to a collaborative document

wuifitti.com - feedback tool during meetings, uses Twitter or text messages to gather the feedback

rockmelt.com - web browser that integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, etc

jot not pro - iPhone app that scans any image and shares it to Google Docs

Webstroyer - turn any page into a game of asteroids

PixelPipe - desktop/mobile tool for disseminating media to over 100 sites from your smart phone

jakes.editme.com/newtools - One stop shop with a suite of tools you can use