Monday, November 20, 2017

Screen Recording is Built in to #iPad & #iPhone Running #iOS11

With the release of iOS 11 in September of 2017 came a great new feature which can have multiple uses in classrooms. The ability to video record what is happening on an iPad or iPhone screen, as well as narrate over the recording, is now a built-in feature of iOS devices.

You may not realize that the screen recording feature is an option because it is not turned on by default when you upgrade to iOS 11. I found out about it through Twitter myself.

Below are instructions for turning on screen recording and using it for the first time.

To turn on the Screen Recording feature, follow these steps:

Tap the Green Circle next to Screen Recording
to enable the function on your iOS device
  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Scroll down Control Center and tap on it.
  • Tap on Customize Controls.
  • Under More Controls, tap on the green circle with white plus mark next to Screen Recording.
  • Screen Recording will now be moved up to the Include section of the Control Center settings.

In the Control Center,
press and hold on the 

Screen Recording button
to bring up Audio options.

Access and use the Screen Recording function by:

  • Swiping up from the bottom of your device to bring up the Control Center.
  • Decide if you want audio via the device microphone (your voice) on your recording. Press and hold the white circle icon until the Screen Recording options come up. Then tap the microphone to toggle audio recording on and off. 
  • Tap Start Recording. You will see a 3 second countdown on the screen. Press the Home Button on your device to go back to your device's home screen during that 3 seconds so your recording will start there.
  • You will know recording has started and is ongoing when you see a red bar across the top of your device's screen.
  • To end your recording, tap the red bar at the top of your screen. Then press Stop.

Video Demo of iOS Screen Recording

In the video below, I demonstrate Screen Recording on an iPhone. I also share a few tips for making your screen recording projects better as well as a few ideas for how to get the video off of the device once it is recorded.

Slides From the Video

Since I recorded my video on an iPhone, the information on the slides is kind of small! You can view the slides that are in the video below.

Have you used the iOS Screen Recording feature in teaching and learning? Have your students? If so, please share in the comments so we can learn from your ideas. Thanks!

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