Thursday, June 29, 2017

What's Your #ISTE17 Story in 6 Words?

ISTE 2017 has come to a close. If you are like me,  you are a combination of exhausted and excited by all of the learning and connecting that took place.

You might also be overwhelmed. I've felt that way some years, as I looked at all of the ways others are innovating with technology for the benefit of student learning and feeling like I or my school or district were woefully behind.

Or do you have lots of questions? Are you wondering if technology and teaching are moving in the right direction? Maybe you are asking yourself the big, philosophical, "Why?" and "What are the implications of this?" questions.

I'm always fascinated by what everyone takes away from a giant gathering of educators like ISTE's annual conference. Especially since I get to experience only the smallest slice of what takes place. I want to know what others got out of it. Are you curious, too? Then read on, and let's see if we can collaborate to find out!

A Challenge For You

Can you summarize your ISTE experience or thoughts in six words? Not four or five. Not seven or eight. But six? (And yes, words like "the," "and," "or," etc. count!)

Six words forces you to think deeply about your choices and hone in on the meat of what you learned, took away, or are still wondering about.

If you are not familiar with the idea of the Six Word Story, this HuffPost article will give you an overview. So will a quick look at the hashtag #6WordStory on Twitter.

Now, Contribute Your Story!

I'd like to learn about everyone's learning at ISTE 2017 by curating ISTE 2017 Six Word Stories using Storify. Will you please contribute?  Here is how to contribute your story:
  1. Reply to the Tweet below with your ISTE 2017 Six Word Story.  (Rememberwords like "the," "and," "or," etc. count! I won't include stories that break the six word rule in my curation.)
  2. Include BOTH of these hashtags on your Tweet: #ISTE17 #6WordStory
  3. You can include a photo from the conference that enhances your story if you wish. Just please practice good digital citizenship and make sure it's a photo you took and/or have permission to use.

Here Are The Stories!

Please keep contributing! The Storify below will continuously update as new stories are added. 

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