Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Student-Led Broadcasts with GSuite (GAFE) - #TCEA17

Student-Led Broadcasts with GSuite (GAFE)

Kate Hebert & Brian Prewitt
Richardson ISD

Presentation Resources: https://sites.google.com/g.risd.org/mstmagnettechnology/student-led-broadcasts-using-gsuite
Google Slides Presentation: https://sites.google.com/g.risd.org/mstmagnettechnology/student-led-broadcasts-using-gsuite/presentation

Why do Student Led Live Broadcasts?

  • Informative
  • Educates Students
    • Project Based Learning
    • Multiple job learning
    • Public Speaking
  • Bring in guests for interviews
  • Can add last minute details if needed
  • Can share with small or large groups, or everywhere
  • It makes announcements more interesting
  • Puts a face to the announcements
  • It's fun!!!

Why use YouTube On Air/Live Events?

  • Easy to create each morning
  • EAsy to share
  • It's free
  • Automatically creates a recorded version so it can be viewed at different times
  • Simple Studio functions like switching cameras or to a slide show
  • Add ins
  • Hats and spectacles (limited time only; it's going away)
  • Ability to restrict inside of District
  • It's fun!!

Broadcasts that violate Copyright Law will be removed from YouTube

  • Computer w/ internet access
  • iPad and stand for script (book holder)
  • Camera (webcam or video camera that connects with the computer--might need firewire
  • Microphone - we use a USB mic for better sound quality
  • If you don't have any of this, you can use a computer with a built-in webcam


  • Training your students--students trained for all roles
    • Camera person--runs the camera and moves camera as necessary
    • Production manager--runs the actual Live Events On-Air and includes screen sharing
    • Anchors--on screen talent
    • Sound-runs any audio input (changes)

Creating the Broadcast - Students to this!

  • Students meet twice a week
  • Everything planned for the next week
    • All scripts written
    • Meeet during specials rotation time twice a week
    • Previously met Mondays form 3:15-4:45 most weeks
    • Rehearse scripts
    • Production Manager rehearses show timing
  • Pre-broadcast run through - students rehearse the broadcast just prior to broadcast

  • Run through just prior to broadcast
  • Anchors must look at camera & speak clearly with a strong voice
  • Person running the show on the computer must be awary of script and slides--must be very attentive
  • If camera needs to be turned, should be turned between shots
  • Production manager checks camera and microphone choices
  • Production Manager prepares slides for screen sharing by choosing to "Present in New Window."

How to Set Up Your Broadcast
See Video Tutorials Here:

  1. How to create your YouTube Live Event for the First Time
    1. Dedicated GSuite Account (not your own account), YouTube, and Live Events
    2. YouTube - Verification
  2. How to Create Your Love Event on Air Each Time
    1. Use your bookmark
    2. Going Live
    3. Restrictions
    4. Settings
    5. Starting and Ending the Broadcast
  3. How to Share Your Broadcast - Google Sites
    1. Links and the Bookmarks Toolbar
    2. Be logged in

This was an awesome session! Be sure to check out the resources on their website!

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