Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Nurturing the Neglected C (Communication) - #TCEA17

Nurturing the Neglected C (Communication)
Lisa Johnson
Eanes ISD

Check out Lisa's book Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students.

Email Etiquette:

  • How has email changed since you were in school?
  • Why is email important?
  • What can we do to teach email etiquette to our students?

Email Tips:

  • Draft it, then revise it. Bullet it to make it more readable/understandable.
  • If you have to go back & forth more than a couple of times via email, it might be time to pick up the phone!
  • Lisa is a campus tech specialist. She puts a tear-sheet on her door when she's out of her office with tear strips with her email address on it in case students or teachers come by and need to contact her.

Positive Interdependence:

  • How has collaboration changed since you were in school?
  • Why is collaboration important?
  • What can we do to teach collaboration to our students?
Positive Interdependence Tips:

  • Give students a personality/learning types test before putting them into groups
  • Discuss this with students and then have them think about what kind of group they'd do well in or what kind of role they might play.
  • By forcing kids to balance their self-assessments between two opposite qualities, it forces them to confront their weaknesses.
  • The Five Communication Skills
  • Use a problem-solving flow chart to help students ask questions when they are resolving issues.

Critically Evaluate Curation & Social Media:

  • How has curation changed since you were in school?
  • Why is curation and social media important?
  • How can we teach curation and social media skills to our students?
Curation is not a full picture of anything. It's a picture of what someone wants you to see. It's marketing. When students grasp this concept, it helps them begin to think more critically about their social media presence.

Encourage students to research colleges by looking at their social media presence. For example, their Pinterest boards.

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