Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Can BYOD Narrow the Digital Divide? #SXSWedu

Notes from SXSWedu presentation by Dr. Michael Mills
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Nothing is the magic tool for getting our kids where they need to be. But we can use mobile devices to help.

We can no longer depend on textbooks for accurate information. A new state of matter was just discovered in December.

Engagement is key to getting kids involved and increase their learning. It's becoming more socially acceptable to talk about school outside of school because of mobile devices.

Studies have shown that low SES students test scores go up 30% when they have access to mobile devices. Mostly due to increased engagement.

Access is a basic right in our country. Because its about empowerment. Surveys show low SES schools tend to have less access to technology and teachers integrate devices like cell phones at far lower rates.

Students do not use personal devices for academic reasons unless they are prompted. Everyone needs a Yoda or Dumbledore to hone their skills and talents and learn to use the tools.

Instructional objectives must be our primary focus with ample attention toward student engagement.

A BYOD policy is a bridge for low SES students. Gives them access to knowledge that other students might experience in person. Ex: travel

If you are a crappy teacher with bad classroom management who sits at their computer checking email all day, don't do BYOD.

Let the kids be creative and innovative.

TRUST but verify! Students need boundaries but they should be elastic. Kids need teacher guidance. Think Anakin Skywalker vs. Luke Skywalker or the Karate Kid.

Use rubrics. Rubrics are easily updated as tools change. You can do rubrics just for process.