Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Unleash Creativity with YouTube - #TCEA17

Unleash Creativity with YouTube

TCEA 2017 Presentation
Ann Witherspoon
Instructional Technologist
Midlothian ISD

Presentation Resources: bit.ly/unleashcreativitywithyoutube

Check out Brooklyn & Bailey on YouTube! They are currently enrolled in a Texas public school and making lots of money on YouTube.

Three goals for today:

  • Understand that YouTube's goal is to push content to you. You can make that work for you in your classroom
  • Understand how to use YouTube in the classroom for your creativity.
  • Understand how to leverage YouTube for your students.

Airstrike on Your Position? (feat. Ashton Edminster) - Gaming video; please excuse the use of guns. Created by Nate Trillo, a young man who is currently a senior in high school and a UIL state award winner.

Why look at YouTube as a tool for learning? 
  • Spark Curiosity
  • Embrace the mess
  • Practice Reflection

"If we embrace a new paradigm as cultivators of curiosity and inquiry, we might bring a little more meaning to their school day and spark their imagination." ~ Ramsey Musallam

How do we use YouTube? How do students use it?

  • To learn how to do things! 
Does your school use filtered YouTube for Schools? Some Rules to Follow before approving a video in YouTube for Schools:
  • Watch every second of the video before showing/sharing/approving
  • Use videos with an instructional goal in mind
  • Don't allow students to do their content search within YouTube...Google will do the trick!

YouTube Creator Studio

  • Has free music you can add to your videos. Some require attribution and give you the info you need to add to your video project.
  • You can upload video and add basic edits to it
    • Add stock video, transitions, still pictures, music, filters
Create an Animated Gif from a YouTube Video
  • Pull up a YouTube video
  • In the video URL in the address bar, type "gif" in front of YouTube (after the period)
Use TubeChop to show just part of a video.

Use ViewPure to block all of the related videos, comments, etc, on a video on YouTube

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