Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Texas School Budget Cuts: Efficiencies & Impact. #SXSWedu

Notes from presentation at SXSWedu 2013

All reports available on Children at Risk website. You can also follow Children at Risk on Twitter.

Children at Risk - sharing findings from research on impact of budget cuts.

The best public policy we've ever had is high quality education. That requires funding.

We are now 49th in spending per pupil in The United States.

65% of students represented in CAR research on impact of budget cuts.

The types of cuts instituted, like deferred tech upgrades, deferred maintenance, staff attrition, etc, cannot be maintained long term.

Pre-K is the most researched educational practice for long term positive outcomes. It is one of the programs that was cut.

How can we fix this?

Increase funding and equalize per-pupil spending.

Reinstate funding for Pre-K and increase quality standards. We only meet 40% of national standards.