Saturday, September 19, 2009

Help Me Help a High School Get Started on Twitter!

First, thank you for taking the time to visit this post and offer your advice! :-)

A public high school I work with is interested in broadcasting info to parents and students via Twitter. I'm a relative newb to using Twitter myself, and have never even taught one other person how to use it, let alone a public institution.

My charge here is two-fold: gather enough info to present to our superintendent to hopefully get this approved and guide the high school in using Twitter and using it well.

Would love your advice! Some questions I have include:
  • What are the benefits of a public school using Twitter?
  • What are potential pitfalls of a public school using Twitter?
  • Do you know of examples of high schools already doing this and doing it well?
  • Would you recommend a 3rd party client and if so, which one and why?
  • Should tweets be public or protected?
  • What would you share with your superintendent? You don't know their previous knowldege of Twitter so assume no knowledge or experience.
  • What questions should I be thinking about/asking that aren't on this list?
I think that about covers it! Thank you in advance for any wisdom you can share. This is very exciting. I'll keep folks posted as the project progresses!