Sunday, March 8, 2020

#COVID19 #Coronavirus School Closure Online Learning Resources

graphic of a drawing of the outside of a school building with the words "COVID-19 School Closure Resources" underneath

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, the discussion of how to keep teaching and learning going in the event of school closures has been ramping up on social media. It's wise to be ready in case school closures hit your community. As resources have been shared, I've been collecting them in a Wakelet, which I have embedded below so others might consult it as needed. I will continue to add quality resources as I find them.

My favorite resource so far has been a blog post from Kasey Bell of ShakeUpLearning. It is based on an interview with a teacher in China whose school has been conducting online learning for several weeks now. What I love about it is the emphasis on process and procedure over tools, including the fantastic tip that now is not the time to try all of the new tech tools! It is the first resource in my Wakelet, but I encourage you to read it now before you even start looking at the other resources I've collected: 

Coronavirus Closures? Online Learning Tips for Teachers and Schools [Interview with an American Teacher in China]

I hope the resources in this Wakelet are helpful for you. If you have additional resources to share, please do so in the blog comments!

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