Monday, February 5, 2018

Badging and Gaming, Rewarding Quality Work #TCEA18 #TCEA

Badging and Gaming, Rewarding Quality Work

TCEA 2018 Presentation

Dr. Karen Jackson
Instructional Technology Specialist
Temple ISD

Link to presentation:

Session Padlet for Questions and Sharing Resources: 

Badging and Gaming can be used with any audience you are responsible for: Students, teachers, administrators.

Earning badges and playing games can be lots of hard work and tons of fun.

People have been using games to motivate for a long time.

Remember S & H Green Stamps? That was gaming!!!! (Blast from the past...)

Starbucks Rewards (Personal side note...I know nothing about this...)

How about those Certified Educator badges from Google, Microsoft, Seesaw, etc...

Benefits of gaming:

  • Urgent optimism
  • Social Fabric
  • Blissful Productivity
  • Epic Meaning
  • Real Time Interaction
  • Constant Feedback

Example of badges for professional learning shared by another session participant:

Example: "Badges of Conquest" event with 32 Student Teachers in online class (see info on slides in presentation.)

  • Created a background using Padlet. As they leveled up they added their badges to their Padlet and shared with classmates.
  • First year, emailed badges to participants (that was a lot of work)! (Idea: Use canned email responses with attachments.)
  • Next year, uploaded badges to student Google Drive folders
  • Third year, had assignments which included creating their own badges.
Suggestions: Include lots of interactivity and accountability: students interact with each other - not just you!

IDEA: Use Symbaloo learning paths to manage. Gameboard-like

CAUTION: Don't overdo! Maybe have participants earn badges once every 6 weeks?

Super Quick Badge I made using
Canva! Search for "badges" and
tweak a pre-existing template!
  • Celebrate wins
  • Celebrate accomplishments
  • Look for positives
  • What is the Epic Win?
  • Get Continuous Feedback. 
  • Celebrate the learning. Especially if the learning comes from a mistake! Fall in love with solving the problem!
  • Have students create badges.

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