Wednesday, March 8, 2017

CS for All: Teaching CS in Elementary Schools #SXSWedu #CSForAll

CS for All: Teaching CS in Elementary Schools 
SXSWedu 2017 Workshop

As the Computer Science for All initiative jump starts around the world, more students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to take computer science courses. Early exposure to computer science is critical to addressing equity in technology education, so how do we ensure that we are meeting the needs of a diverse pipeline of K-5 students who are ready, willing, and excited to learn CS? Join representatives from the NYCDOE CS4All team, the SF Unified School District, and the Austin Independent School District to explore specific pedagogical approaches, equity and implementation strategies, and lesson plans and resources to infuse CS into the elementary school classroom.

Slides & Actvities:

Table Discussion: What are the equity issues in computer science education where you live?

  • Access to teachers who are knowledgeable about CS and its opportunities.
  • In a low SES district, teachers worry so much about the basics they don't think there is time/need to move on to more advanced concepts.

Unplugged Activities: Programming without devices.

  • Have groups of students create a list of steps to accomplish something. (Ex: How to make a PB & J sandwich.) Have other groups try to follow the steps and/or debug instructions.
  • Relay Programming: In a relay race, have groups of students write directions on how to recreate a graphic.
Paired Programming
  • Using a tool like Code Studio, students work in pairs. One drives the device, and the other navigates (gives directions). Students switch roles frequently to complete simple programs.
Interdisciplinary CS With Robot Mouse
  • Video of Robot Mouse:
  • Program Robot Mouse to navigate on a grid of numbers to the sum of two rolled dice. Challenge: Change to multiplication.
  • Program Robot Mouse to navigate on a grid of letters to spell a word with greater than 3 letters by navigating to each letter in sequence. Challenge: Perform an action on each letter.
  • Program Robot Mouse to navigate a map of your community.
  • Program two Robot Mice to perform symmetrical movements.

I enjoyed this session! The hands-on helped me visualize using CS in core subjects!

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