Thursday, July 18, 2013

What would you tell teachers new to #BYOD / #BYOT?

Photo from @AquiAmigo Presentation at SXSWEdu 2013
I've been putting this question out on Twitter, but thought perhaps I'd get more in depth responses if I ask via my blog. So, here it goes!

Here is the scenario: You have three hours of face-to-face staff development scheduled with grades 6-12 teachers who are new to BYOD. Students will be bringing their own devices to school for the first time in just a few months.

Here are my questions:
  • What is the most important information to tell the teachers?
  • What hands-on activities would you incorporate into the training?
  • What practical ideas/tips/tricks would you share with them to set them up for success?
  • What classroom management tips would you give them?
  • What am I forgetting to ask/include in my questions?
I have done research on this over the last couple of years and bookmarked tons of resources, but would like to collect ideas from front-line teachers and trainers who are experienced in teaching in a BYOD/BYOT environment.

Thanks bunches in advance for any ideas and links you share in the comments below!

I also sent a couple of questions on this topic out to my Twitter network. Below is a slideshow of their answers to what they would include in a BYOD training for teachers and what their favorite QR code creators are.