Tuesday, June 18, 2013

iPLC: Planting the Seed Through Staff Development #iPlza13

Notes from iPadPalooza 2013 Presentation

Errin Jennings
Instructional Technology Specialist
Dripping Springs ISD

Prezi for presentation: http://prezi.com/ye9_bubdlzou

We are using http://todaysmeet.com/iPLC to share ideas for whom to follow on different networks to grow our PLN.

When you introduce something to faculty (or students), communicate clearly. For example, if using a back channel, let participants know focus of comments should be on topic at hand. Just saying "Be professional" might not be enough.

Broadcasting the seed emails - send out little tidbits, and see who bites.

Face to face conversations are still important. If you are a tech specialist, converse with a teacher and ask them to figure out the tool. Then they become your trainer of trainers.

In department meetings, faculty meetings, etc, pick one tool. You or a teacher model it. Watch for it to be used in other classrooms. Celebrate when it is used; help troubleshoot if there are barriers to using it.

Consider flipping meetings. Give info in advance so people can process, then have more discussion at the in person meeting.

  • Practice First. Never ever use technology without trying it out in the location where you will be using it.
  • One thing at a time. Pace yourself so you don't overwhelm people.
  • Be Authentic. Don't force the use of new technology just because it's cool. Should be appropriate to age and learning.
  • Let others drive. Let other teachers become familiar with tools and share them.
  • Stay current yourself
  • Record & reward good teachers.
  • It's ok to say "I don't know".

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