Thursday, October 4, 2012

Texas Education On iTunes U

Notes from Fall 2012 TCEA TECSIG Breakout Session
Kathy Ferguson
Texas Education Agency

Direct Link to Texas Education on iTunes U (Need iTunes to launch...)

Texas Education on iTunes U is part of Project Share.

Access Texas Education on  iTunes U through in the resources feature on the home page.
through the iTunes store through the iTunes U button in the top navigation menu. Select iTunes U, then go to K-12 in the top right navigation menu. Find Texas Education under T, of course!
through the iTunes U App on your iDevice!

When you get to Texas Education in iTunes U, look at the What's New area at the top to see the latest and greatest uploads.

There are also Science Features, OnTRACK for College Readiness, and featured school districts.

All content in iTunesU is reviewed by TEA curriculum specialists.

Texas Education needs content from districts! 

Content should be classroom friendly:

  • Engaging
  • High Quality
  • Age Appropriate
  • Appropriate Classroom Length (typically no more than 10 minutes)
If you submit content, you will need cover art (600 x 600 png file works best), a title, a description, and a copyright. Copyright decisions should be made at the district level. Consider Creative Commons.

iTunes file formats can be video, audio, or PDF. If possible, develop videos with Closed Captioning.

Tech Details
  • Audio files (AAC, MP3) with extensions .m4a or .mp3 - up to 500 MB
  • Video files (MPEG-4) with extensions .mp4, .m4v, or .mov - up to 1 GB
  • PDF or ePubs files of supplemental material (these download to the iTunes library or optionally to the iBooks app on an iOS tablet device)
How do you share your content?
  • On iTunes site there is a Share Your Content link near the bottom of the right-hand navigation menu.
  • Documents with guidelines for submission are included here
  • After you go through the process of filling out the submit content form, TEA will send a legal agreement form which the Superintendent needs to sign off on.
  • Content goes through a multi-step review process, including a technical review and a curriculum content review
  • Content should not promote or advertise a commercial product.
  • If you use third-party content, make sure you have copyright permission.
  • Have documentation saying that you have written permission from parents to record their children and submit it for potential use on iTunesU.
Links for more info:
  • 512-463-9400