Friday, February 10, 2012

Stacey Bess - Closing Session Keynote Speaker at TCEA 2012

Stacey's goal today: For us to walk out of here today and say "That lady is telling the truth. I really do have the best job in the world."

"The people you are about to serve are not as interested in what your skills are as they are in who you are as a human being."

Former student of Stacey, named Zach, as an adult didn't remember math in Stacey's classroom. He remembered that she always said, "Zach, you are incredible. I care about you."

The foundation of being a great teacher is to care about the students you teach.

Instructions from one of Stacey's students: "Ms. Stacey, if you listened more, you'd learn more."

Wisdom from Stacey Bess and Carl Malone: Don't hide behind your credentials. Get down on the floor and be a human being.

I would never advocate breaking rules. I would advocate bending rules.

Thank you for caring about kids. Thank you for stepping outside of the box and doing more than just your job.

To be loved completely and unconditionally is the aching longing of every one of our students. 

If you don't believe you make a difference, you are wrong! Thank you for doing what you do.