Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) Using Social Media

On October 13th I'm helping facilitate a breakout session at the TCEA Fall TECSIG meeting. The theme of the session is Social Media & PLNs, so I prepared a Prezi (my first ever; please take this into account if you peruse it below!) which provides an overview of how my PLN has been built over the past couple of years.

Although meant as a visual aid for my presentation, I tried to put enough detail into the Prezi so it could stand somewhat on its own. I would appreciate feedback on it, even though I probably will not have time to do too many tweaks before tomorrow.

If you are visiting this post and taking time to read it, you are a member of my PLN! I'd love to show the session attendees a PLN in action. Would you take a few moments to comment on your own PLN participation? What are your favorite PLN tools/activities? Is there a specific instance in your experience when you can recall your PLN proved to be a valuable resource to you or you to it? Anything you wish to share will be appreciated!