Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Message for Texans

This is why. Why I have been thinking and blogging about budgets and politics and legislation lately. Because the thousands of Juliannas and Matthews and Amandas and Seans in Texas schools deserve educations that are adequately funded to provide rigorous instruction in core courses, enrichment classes to broaden their experiences and tap into their talents, and support programs to fill in the gaps in areas where they struggle.

Texas school children do not deserve to be pawns in a political game of balancing the Texas budget with a "cuts only" approach while the governor and legislators refuse to access available Rainy Day funds to mitigate the crisis or permanently fix the structural deficit that helped get us here in the first place.

Do not let our kids down.

Citizens, please email, call, and write your legislators today and tell them to prioritize education funding.

Legislators, please listen to the majority of Texas citizens who do not want to drastically cut education funding.

Texas children and the future of our state are worth it!