Friday, August 7, 2009

U.S. Recruiting Cyber Patriots to Defend the Interwebs

As I feared, the combination of full time job and part time masters degree leaves me little energy for blogging. I have some thoughts I hope to post soon. Maybe when I get a break at the end of the second class - school law - which I am almost finished with.

In the mean time, wanted to record for myself and share with any stumbling across my blog this interesting report on recruiting efforts for young people to become the defenders of the Internet. Fascinating. Maybe in light of this need a technology applications credit might be required in Texas high schools again some day? Should this threat be the Sputnik of technology education?

Found the article above vastly more interesting in light of the huge Denial of Service attack that targeted multiple service providers but one individual yesterday:

I'm thinking all those video game skills our kids are growing up with might save our Internet infrastructure in the end...