Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Contribute to the #ISTE13 Six Word Story Project!

Here's My Contribution! Now It's Your Turn!
Did you attend ISTE 2013 in San Antonio? Then you must contribute to the Six Word Story Project!

Technology Director Bryan Doyle had an awesome idea for a collaborative project where attendees could capture their ISTE experience in six words and a photo. It doesn't even have to be a photo you took; just one that represents your idea.

The thing is, the project started almost two weeks ago, and Bryan set a deadline of July 12th for finalization of the project. So far, there are 19 contributions. ISTE says 18,000+ people were in attendance in San Antonio, so 19 is not a very good showing!

Come on, education and educational technology advocates - let's show the world the power of collaborative project creation! And let's represent as many locations on the planet as we can!

Bryan explains the project in detail on his blog and provides a link to the Google Presentation you can add to. So don't wait or think you'll come back to this, go read about the project on Bryan's blog and make your contribution now!