Monday, September 6, 2010

Intro to Movie Maker Video Podcast

The following video was created to satisfy requirements of my Week 2 assignment in EDLD 5363 Multimedia and Video Technology to create a brief video editing software tutorial. Although only an audio podcast was necessary for this assignment, after reviewing Windows Movie Maker and learning about its features, I wanted to use it to create a project. I took the option to add video to my assignment.

For those interested in how the podcast was put together, here is the information:

Video Screen Capture: I used a piece of software I own called Snag-It to record a screen capture of the tasks covered in the podcast. Snag-It allowed me to export the video capture to .avi format which I then imported into Movie Maker.

Narration: I used the narration feature of Movie Maker to add audio Narration to the actions I performed in the screen capture video.

Podcast Title: Created using title creation feature of Movie Maker.

Podcast Credits: Created using credits feature of Movie Maker.

Creative Commons License: I created this on a PowerPoint slide due to the amount of text which would not have worked well in Movie Maker. I  exported the slide as a .jpg from PowerPoint and imported it into Movie Maker as the final “scene” of my podcast.