Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Leadership for the Digital Age with Alan November - Day 3

Tuesday, May 20th, was the third and final day of TASA's Leadership for the Digital Age with Alan November. This academy has truly been a privilege to be part of and a growth experience for me. November made me think deeply about what I already know and consider it from multiple angles. And the other districts which participated shared amazing ideas. I am full of things I want to do and try to further improve educational practice among the already wonderful educators I know.

The highlight of my day - Alan November sat at the table my boss and I were sitting at for lunch! So I was able to participate in a bonus conversation, face-to-face with a thoughtful, encouraging educational leader whose work I have followed for nearly 15 years.

There was much more Tweeting on this day of the academy than there had been on the first two days, so instead of taking notes on my own, I decided to curate the Tweets from the day. 

Just over 100 Tweets made it into my curation. I hope I caught them all! There are wonderful thoughts and resource links included throughout. You can view them in a slide-show format below, or view the original Storify in a vertical, multi-page format.

You may also be interested in my notes from the first two days of the academy.

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