Please Share Your Favorite Web Search Tools, Techniques, or Lessons

Search Engine Roundtable Wordle
used under a Creative Commons License
courtesy of Flikr user toprankonlinemarketing.
I am putting together a three hour staff development session for K-12 teachers entitled Google Search and Beyond. I get kind of excited about search tools and digital literacy, so I'm having fun working with this theme.

I know many in my PLN have excellent ideas for teaching teachers about effective search strategies and ways to pass them on to our students. If you have an idea that has worked well for you in the past, would you please share it in the comments below? I'd like to glean from your experiences, and I'll give you credit in my sessions.

Feel free to describe as much as you want in the comments or leave links to resources you have learned from or used.

Just to prove I'm not trying to get you to do all of my work, here is a rough outline of topics I have been brainstorming for the session. It is under continuous revision as I plan. I want to balance providing information with giving the teachers time to plan for using these strategies and tools with their students, so it's likely I won't get to cover all of my topics. Quality over quantity, you know!

Thanks in advance for any ideas you are willing to share!