Monday, June 6, 2011

Need Help With Disqus Commenting

After seeing Disqus commenting on a few blogs I read, I installed it here on the EdTechSandyK blog over the weekend. I also imported all of my previous standard Blogger comments into Disqus.

If you click on the title of any blog post so that it opens on its unique page, you can clearly see  a link to the Disqus comments at the bottom of the post.

If, however, you are on my main or home page,, you cannot see a link to the comments at the bottom of each post.

I would like to have a link display there to encourage blog visitors to read existing comments and/or add their own.

I notice on the Cool Cat Teacher blog that the links display even at the bottom of posts on her main or home

I am using a standard Blogger template. I believe I have all of the comments settings tweaked the way the Disqus instructions stated I should. And, I know the links to comments existed at the bottom of posts on the home/main page of the blog before I installed Disqus. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get this working properly? Please leave information in the comments. Thanks!

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