Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Degrees - What Do You Know About Them?

I have been working on a Master's Degree (M.Ed.) and will finish it before the end of this year, Lord willing. My yearning to learn won't stop there, though, and I've been informally contemplating what the next step might be. Continue learning on my own as I already do or pursue another formal degree? I don't have a deep desire to pursue a doctorate, although that may change with time. So maybe another masters?

In looking at some possibilities I came across a degree I had not heard of before - the Educational Specialist or Ed.S. degree. According to this article on Wikipedia which isn't very detailed the Ed.S. is a degree which is post-master's but pre-doctorate.

In a brief search on Google for Ed.S. I found two colleges which seem to be advertising this degree: The University of Alabama and Walden University. In Walden's case, credits in the Ed.S. degree can also be counted toward a doctorate if you decide to pursue one.

Have you looked into or are you pursuing or do you hold an Ed.S. degree? Do you know someone who holds an Ed.S. degree or who is somehow involved in an Ed.S. degree program as a student or professor? I'm very interested in more information from people who have been or are involved in such programs.

I would appreciate any information you can share or point me to. Please leave a comment or invite someone you know with more knowledge to comment here. Thanks!

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