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Hacking PD Through Innovation and Collaboration

One Hour Panel Discussion
March 10, 2015
SXSWedu Conference and Festival

We hear often of the need to transform or reinvent education. But rarely do we hear that at the heart of transforming learning for students is transforming ongoing professional learning for teachers. On this panel, we discussed the reasons for changing teacher professional learning and simple ways anyone working with teachers can begin the process.

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Audio Recording of the Panel:

Bridging the Digital Divide with BYOD Equity

One Hour Panel Discussion
March 5, 2014
SXSWedu Conference and Festival

On March 5, 2014, I was privileged to moderate and participate on this panel. What I loved about this panel is it stretched the conversation about BYOD Equity beyond just devices. Of course access to devices is important when we are asking families to send technology to school with their children, but there are so many more equity issues involved. Some of the topics our panel touched on were:

  • Internet access outside of school
  • Support for and understanding of BYOD from school and district administrators
  • Acceptance and sound implementation of BYOD by classroom teachers
  • Ongoing, robust professional development for teachers
  • Clear communication with families of students
  • Support from the greater community in which the school or district operates

Audio recording of the panel:

Got Twitter? Make it Better!
50 Minute Concurrent Session
February 4, 2014
2014 Texas Computer Education Association Convention & Exposition

Having presented many times on the basics of Twitter, I was excited to have this opportunity to share tools I use to make my Twitter experience better. This session was aimed at experienced Twitter users who were ready to take the next steps in their Twitter experience. After the presentation, I blogged in detail about the tools I presented as well.

Social Media: Proving that Knowledge is Power and Sharing Knowledge Empowers

One Hour & 15 Minute Panel Presentation
November 7, 2013
Tech & Learning Tech Forum Texas

I was privileged to present with Carrie Ross and Carl Hooker on the topic of leveraging social media in education. Our presentation was Livestreamed and recorded. If you watch the recording below, you'll notice it seems to start rather abruptly with Carl talking. That's because there were sound issues in the beginning, so the first two minutes or so of the presentation were edited out. There is still a complete message from all three of us, though, and an interesting Q & A time at the end.

Watch live streaming video from techlearning at

Twitter for Professional Connection and Growth

One Hour Presentation
November 5, 2013
Region 13 ESC Strategic Initiatives Team

Custom-developed presentation which focused on how to build a professional network on Twitter, what to share on Twitter and how to get more people to see what is shared, professionalism, and suggested third-party applications that can make the Twitter experience more meaningful.

What's Happening in K-12 Educational Technology?

October 29, 2013
Southwestern University

Southwestern University is found within the boundaries of the school district where I work, and it also happens to be my alma mater, so it was exciting when my boss Kim Garcia and I were invited to present to pre-service teachers taking an educational technology course at the university.We had a great time discussing current educational technology trends and specifically how those trends are impacting education in local schools.

Connected Educators Discussion

Photo Courtesy of TeacherGraph
October 23, 2013
EdTech Austin Meetup

As part of Connected Educator Month 2013, I was invited to be a member of a panel which discussed the importance of educators connecting with one another via online networks. Other members of the panel included George Couros, Jon Samuelson, April Maas, and Greg Garner. The panel was live-streamed via a Google hangout, but unfortunately there was a technical glitch and the recording disappeared. Too bad the recording was lost, because it was a lively, enjoyable, and thought-provoking discussion! You can visit the event information on the EdTech Austin Meetup site for more details.

Social Media for Professional Learning

One Hour Webinar
October 21, 2013
Florida Virtual School Global Team

Custom-developed webinar which focused on how to build a professional network on Twitter, how to use Twitter at an in-person conference, and wrapped up with a couple of suggested third-party applications that can make the Twitter experience more meaningful.

Twitter for Professional Learning
Photo Courtesy of @mistergoode via Twitter
Two-Hour Poster Session
June 25, 2013
2013 International Society for Technology in Education Conference & Exposition

During a two-hour time period, attendees at the 2013 ISTE Conference visited my "poster booth" to discuss Twitter for Professional Learning. It was fun and rewarding to interact with educators from all over the world in a face-to-face format regarding Twitter and online learning!

Not 1:1? There's Still Hope for Implementing iPads
45 Minute Breakout Session
June 19, 2013
2013 iPadPalooza Learning Festival

Kim Garcia (@DigitalLearners) and I put together this presentation based on our experiences implementing iPads in environments that were not 1:1. We included information on lessons learned as well as the implementations we had been involved with.

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March 5, 2013
SXSWedu Conference and Festival

WeAreTeachers invited me to be a participant on this one hour interactive panel. Panelists ranging from technology skeptics to change agents responded to moderator and audience questions on educational technology hot topics such as mobile devices and flipped classrooms. This was a fun, fast-paced session! I wish I could link to the audio, but all of the panelists did not sign the release to post it publicly.

Organize, Curate, and Share Your Online Resources
90 Minute Concurrent Session
February 7, 2013
2013 Texas Computer Education Association Convention & Exposition

Kim Garcia (@DigitalLearners) and I co-created and presented this session, which included information on how educators can aggregate and curate their online resources and integrate aggregation and curation into instruction.

Online Staff Development Planning and Implementation
Panel Moderator

February 7, 2013
2013 Texas Computer Education Association Convention & Exposition
Photo Used With Permission
Under a Creative Commons License

I coordinated the formation of this panel, created the skeleton panel website, set the panel agenda with input from the participants, and facilitated the panel on the day of the presentation. The panelists contributed information from each of their districts to the panel website, presented their information, and took questions from a very engaged audience. We packed out the presentation room! Our panelists were amazing and it was very rewarding to facilitate this presentation.

Online Staff Development Planning and Implementation Website

Twitter for Professional Learning
our BYOD Workshop
February 4, 2013
2013 Texas Computer Education Association Convention & Exposition

Back after wonderful feedback from participants in the 2012 workshop I conducted, in 2013 high school Latin teacher Mark Warren (@MagisterWarren) co-presented this workshop with me.

Click to Access LiveBinder: Twitter for Professional Learning

Down the Hall Podcast Episode #36: Developing the Practice 
May 25, 2012

Dave Roy of the University of British Columbia External Programs and Learning Technologies department invited me to be interviewed for this podcast. We discussed the benefits of using social media for professional development and the changes digital technologies are bringing to the K-12 classroom. Click the link below to listen. The portion with my interview is about 25 minutes long.

Down the Hall #36: Developing the Practice

Tools for Building a Personal Learning Network
45 Minute Breakout Session

April 19, 2012
Texas Computer Education Association
Technology Coordinators' Special Interest Group

Instructional Technology Coordinator Kim Garcia and I gave a presentation with suggestions for getting started on building a Personal Learning Network using Facebook, Twitter, or through following blogs.

Tightwad Teacher Podcast Episode #38:The Connected Teacher 
March 27, 2012

I was invited to be a guest on this podcast. Regulars  Kristy Vincentchief Mark Cockrell and co-hosts Brian Brugger and John Mikulski engaged me in conversation about using social media for professional learning and we took a little tangent into using social media with students. It was a great exchange of ideas! Click the link below to take a listen to the just under one hour show.

Tightwad Teacher #38: The Connected Teacher

Twitter for Professional Learning
Three-Hour BYOD Workshop

February 8, 2012
2012 Texas Computer Education Association Convention & Exposition

Co-presented with Kim Garcia, Instructional Technology Coordinator. Also known as @DigitalLearners on Twittter.

Supporting Teachers & Students in the Curation of Their Digital Footprint
45 Minute Breakout Session

February 7, 2012
2012 Texas Computer Education Association Convention & Exposition
Campus Leadership Academy

Building a Personal Learning Network Using Social Media
50 Minute Breakout Session

October 13, 2011
Texas Computer Education Association
Technology Coordinators' Special Interest Group