Thursday, February 9, 2017

Coaching vs Mentoring: Helping Teachers Integrate Technology Effectively - #TCEA17

Coaching vs. Mentoring: Helping Teachers Integrate Technology
Dr. Bruce Ellis
Senior Director of Professional Development


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The coaching/mentoring process is different for each teacher:

  • Some can run with just an idea
  • Others need a demonstration
  • Some need you to teach a lesson with them/for them


  • Is about skill & knowledge acquisition
  • Content expert focusing on concrete issues
  • Short term - only as long as needed
  • Clear expectations and goals from the beginning.
  • Mentoring is like counseling
  • Relationship-oriented to address professional adn personal issues
  • Ongoing - preferably more than a year
  • Trust comes before sharing

Which is Best for Your Teachers?

  • It depends!!!!!

Strategies for Mentoring

  • Journaling - mentor doesn't necessarily look at this
  • Reflection Journals - mentor responds to what the teacher has written
  • Blogging
  • Tweeting - You can encourage folks to lurk!
  • Leaving Post-it Notes - much more personal than email!
  • Post Cards - much more personal than email!

Strategies for Coaching Using Google Tools

  • Create a form with a list of goals from which to choose.
  • Teachers go to and complete the form. Print out the individualized plans.
  • Meet with teacher and go over their plan. Begin scheduling visits.
  • Continue to visit, model, and observe. Give specific feedback.
  • See links to online "supplies" in Bruce's PowerPoint
  • Also see links to instructions for using Google Sheets Add-on autoCrat in PowerPoint

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