Thursday, February 9, 2017

Best Practices for Integrating Chromebooks into Your Classroom - #TCEA17

Best Practices for Integrating Chromebooks into Your Classroom
Miguel Guhlin

Director of Professional Development


Tip 1: Have a Plan for Managing Chromebooks in the Classroom

  • Ex: How will students get their devices? What are your rules for handling the devices?
  • See the slide deck link above for great details!
Tip 2: Find ways to share your Chromebook screen
  • Nearpod
  • Chrome Cast
Tip 3: Digital Portfolios
  • Seesaw is the bomb! (Free for up to to 100 students per teacher)
Tip 4: Easy Interactivity
  • Kahoot
  • Quizz
Tip 5: Easy Video Assessment
  • Need to check out Flipgrid!!!! - Students can respond to prompts via video
  • Learners process visuals 60,000 times faster than text!
Tip 6: Use Google Tone Extension to Share Weblinks via a Sound

Tip 7: Check Out Google Tools for Students With Special Needs
Tip 8: Screencasts
  • Use Screencastify or Nimbus Screenshot & Screencast
  • Teacher can make tutorials
  • Students can create projects
Tip 9: Projects!
  • Older students research things younger students like using Google Form surveys. Then create a product and video advertisement for the younger students. Then use a Google Hangout to get feedback from the younger students!
  • Connect your classroom for a cause. Ex: High school English students in Texas and Virginia connected. Formed groups with students from both schools and did research on human trafficking

Ok, I lost wireless at this point in the session, but I've embedded the slide deck above. Be sure to look through it. It has tons of great resources!!!!

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