Friday, April 27, 2012

A Principal, a Superintendent, and a 1:1 iPad Initiative

This is a nice interview with Principal Patrick Larkin and Superintendent Eric Conti on the 1:1 iPad initiative currently going on at Burlington High School in Massachusetts. This is definitely of value as a "why-to-do-it" resource.

I particularly love what they have to say about letting the students have their own iTunes accounts and letting them load their music and apps on the devices and the learning opportunities those decisions have created in regards to responsibility and balancing appropriate use of the devices. Another interesting point - technology integration has increased because teachers can no longer say that there is an issue with student access to technology.

I'm posting to my blog to share with you and so I do not lose track of it for future reference. Hat tip to Tom Whitby of the Educator's PLN for bringing my attention to this by posting and Tweeting the video.

Do you have similar resources bookmarked or curated somewhere on the web? Please share links in the comments so we can all learn together!