Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Look for EdTechSandyK Blog

If you visit this blog with any regularity, you'll notice there's been a bit of a makeover to its look. I loved the techie look of my previous template, but because it wasn't originally a Blogger template, and because it was designed before Blogger rolled out features like the ability to create multiple pages and the "links to this post" feature, I was limited in trying out some new Blogger tools.

There were code hacks I could have done, but I avoid messing with code as much as possible since I'm pretty novice at it. So, there you go! Now you know why my blog has received a bit of a face lift. Some day, maybe I'll invest in a professional template, but Blogger's template designer has a pretty nice selection of design tools for the average user like me. If you use Blogger, or are interested in starting your own blog, they're worth investigation.