Monday, February 7, 2011

Google Academy Opening Session TCEA 2011

OK folks...I'm trying an experiment in live blogging as I attend the Texas Computer Education Association 2011 Convention and Exposition. Basically, I'll be taking notes here on my blog. I hope this winds up being useful to any readers as well as serving as a plce for me to look back and reflect on my learning.

First Up - Google Academy Opening Session

Colleges & K12s: considering or using Apps for Edu? Check out the new Guide to Going Google:

Presentation by Leslie Fischer, chief geek of (@lesliefischer on Twitter)
  • Full presentation is on her website at -
  • RockMelt - a browser built on Google chrome - puts Facebook and Twitter info all on one screen, also suggests RSS feeds for sites you use frequently. You don't have to leave your web browsing to check on FB and Twitter.
  • Did you know Google Docs now does OCR? Upload a .pdf ant it will convert it to a Google Doc file
  • - Google has used street view technology to post tours of the world's greatest museums.
This was a fast presentation and I will come back and post links to it later. Live blogging is fun but it is going to be an evolving skill for me. :-)