Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AUP/Policy Discussion

Notes from Edubloggercon breakout session at TCEA 2011

Scott Floyd
White Oak ISD
  • Student AUP
  • Open wireless
  • Students are allowed to bring their own devices and use guest wireless
  • AUP applies whether students are on district computers or their own devices
  • Being too specific in an AUP can cause problems in the end. What is the next Facebook, Twitter, etc.?
  • Better to build a policy around doing the right thing.
  • Students should bring tools if it fits their learning style and the class they are in, but are not required to bring their own devices
  • District computers provided to the "have nots". Netbooks with DeepFreeze and SD cards for local saving (instead of Thawspace) so students can take the computers home when needed
  • Bandwidth use went down when social networking was opened up b/c people were no longer using proxies to get around the filter
How to get started?
  • In a large district, start with a pilot at one campus.
Questions/Thoughts/Ideas/General Notes
  • What about FERPA? Use anonymous student accounts (Ex: Glogster, Voice Thread, Kid Blogs, etc) or use filtered/managed accounts.
  • Teaching accountablility has to start with teachers when you begin to open these tools up.
  • Have a plan! Teach how to use iPods, cellphones, etc without them becoming a distraction or discipline issue. They need strategies because this is a new pedagogy.
  • Set an expectation that the students and teachers will use technology responsibly
  • Bud Hunt from Colorado - http://budtheteacher.com/blog/2009/10/03/would-you-please-block/
  • What about CIPA? It is very specific and is usually interpreted too strictly.
  • A district committee with instructional tech, admins, technology staff to decide blocking policy might be beneficial for creating filtering policy
How to make things better?
  • Get your site based committee involved. Have a plan and present it to administration. Be the pilot campus!
  • Get an audience with leadership above the campus level.
  • Share the ISTE Nets with them to start - national technology standards for our kids!
  • Point out what the TEKS say - are the policies you have in place hindering the coverage of the TEKS?
  • Tie the need for improvement to mission statements - empowering students, educating global learners, etc.